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First update is about the masher and his knee surgery recovery … Now 5 weeks post operation, and 3 weeks into physical therapy, things are improving. He has been off of crutches for just over a week now and walking slowly, but strongly and without any limp. Climbing stairs and swift change in direction is still challenging, but improving, while descending stairs is still difficult, but lost getting easier. He has cheerfully been able to spin on the indoor trainer with minimal resistance, but high speed cadence for a little over a week now. Hopefully he can incorporate some high resistance into the spinning regimen soon, and more wishfully, get back onto the pavement for real road riding as soon as possible. The only issues that he’s having that’s holding up progress somewhat is still limited flexibility and it is too painful to kneel on. He is able to straiten it and the stretching and strengthening exercises are working well, otherwise. Next follow up with Dr. Hunt is next Thursday Feb 11.


Next update is a legislative one and includes good news. We received a message today from our state senator for Scott County that the Senate Bill 80 related to improving cycling awareness on roadways, including a “3 Feet 2 Pass” law has successfully made it out of committee! I’m not a legislative expert, but I think the next step in the process is for the House of Representatives to review the bill and either approve (as is or with amendments) or disapprove it. Then, if approved, it would return to the Senate for a final vote. This would be a huge accomplishment for for improving cycling safety and awareness by our legislators if voting passes it. It’s an absolute non-partisan issue and completely relates to health and safety of human life, while improving awareness for cycling. Please consider contacting your Senator and/or Representative and asking them to vote YES to this bill. You can contact them via email or phone message and their info is accessible online. Also the info and details about this bill can be found online. Please visit: www.lrc.gov/record/16RS/SB80.htm   It’s disturbing to wonder if this bill has found more attention due to a Lexington lawyer losing his life after being struck by a vehicle while riding his bicycle in the annual Horsey Hundred ride last year, however, if this SB 80 becomes law and saves just 1 life, it is fully worth all the effort! And if it saves 1 life, it will certainly save more.


Final update is also good news … Groundhog’s Day was this week and he did not see his shadow. So if legend holds true, it means we will get an early spring. I hope I don’t jinx it, but other than one rough week of weather in the bluegrass state, we’ve had a moderately mild winter season. Sure some areas have experienced colder temps than others, and some towns have received more precipitation than others, but generally speaking, we’ve enjoyed a less eventful winter than the last two in Kentucky. So keep your fingers crossed for sun-shiny days to be abundant sooner than later! image