Dec 2013 20


Have you ever cut yourself and seen it heal over the course of the next few days? Or how about when you get a cold or infection … go visit the doctor, receive some medicine and feel much better in a few days? One may argue that the first example is a natural healing while the latter is scientific or human aided. I would argue that in both instances, God heals! God has allowed the gifts of learning to enable humans to assist. I would also argue that attitude determines greatly how one feels. Like the old saying goes, “think you can, or think you can not, you’re probably right!” Think you can’t climb a mountain and you’ll find plenty of excuses why you won’t. However, think you can climb the same mountain, and you’ll keep going until you reach the top.

‘Tis the season. ‘Tis the time of year when it’s more difficult to stay in shape, stay focused on performing strong on the bike, because it’s simply not possible to ride safely in some of the weather that ole man winter brings us. Could it also be ’tis the season for healing? Rest and rejuvenate your body so you can continue to get stronger.

I’ve personally had a somewhat stressful couple weeks at work. In reality, keeping things in a positive manner which I am always striving to do, it hasn’t been terrible. I have just been on a challenging task that involved installing a somewhat complex hydronic piping system at a rather large apartment facility. It’s been complex for me and my staff because this was our first time installing this particular style of system and there were more than one kink to figure out and more than a few modifications made to tweak it to get maximum efficiency. On more than one occasion I have had an overwhelming brain fried feeling. Then, as the job finally began to wrap up (although we are still closely monitoring it to ensure it is the best set up), it dawned on me … my mind feels overloaded because I’ve not been taking my medicine. My medicine for healing. Riding my bike.

I couldn’t help but notice as last week came to an end, my Strava profile showed zero miles (on the road) for the first time in a long time, in fact, I couldn’t remember the last time I went a full week without getting out for at least one ride. As I checked back on my calendar, it was actually the first time I didn’t ride since the first week of March! I haven’t been a total slacker, I managed to get in one run of a few miles and a couple rides on my indoor stationary bike. Bottom line … it’s just not the same. Nothing gives me that decompression feeling and liberating mindset like a good spin out on my road bike on a paved road to nowhere and back. What’s really scary? I’m within 250 miles of taking my total road mileage for the year over 4000, and something inside me says I can still do it. After all, it’ s just a couple centuries and a couple club rides away.

Renaissance Man once said “cycling is the ultimate prayer … you take the gifts God has given you, and you push yourself to it’s limit.” So true, so true. Realistically, it will be nearly impossible to reach 4K total road miles this year in the wonderful winter weather we’ve been seeing. But, oh yeah, I already mentioned, I’m a positive attitude kind of guy. And I’ve got God on my side … and knowing I’m overdue on some road ride healing, I’d say ‘Tis the season to reach deep, and get back on my medicine! I don’t really ride to accumulate miles, but I cherish the healing I receive from the miles I do achieve. Stay tuned …But don’t stay tuned to see if a miracle is performed by me reaching four thousand miles on Roadie, because it’s already a miracle that I’ve been blessed to get this far, and continue to go. Moving forward daily is truly a miracle itself! Do, however, stay tuned to hear about the miracle of how I ever found myself riding a bicycle to begin with, which is clearly the work of God!

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