Dec 2015 28


In central Kentucky, we have been blessed with some very mild weather for the months of November and December. Though we have had more than usual rainfall, the temps have remained in the 60s nearly nonstop for both of the final months of 2015, and many cyclists (including me) have put their winter/off-season indoor training on hold to keep piling up the miles outside as long as this weather sticks around.  I’ve heard many folks preach that we’ll probably pay dearly for all this nice weather later in the season, but I for one am not complaining. I’ll take this as long as it’s here!


Today I was lucky enough to get one final road ride in for 2015 with a couple of my close friends (and some of the best cyclists I ride with) when I hooked up with Toby & Schmidty at my in-laws home in Marion Co. for a pretty challenging 44 mile route with plenty of wind and hills. I do have a RAM Cycling group ride scheduled at Legacy Trail Tuesday night, but I’m leaning toward cancelling it based on all the rain we’ve had that’s produced some standing water on the trail plus not sure I can get off work in time. So for now, I’m betting that this was my final ride of the year, and I couldn’t have asked for a better event to finish with.


My ride today with Toby, Schmidty, and Ryan Waldo (a former Lindsey Wilson cyclist that now lives near Lagrange) took us from our starting point in the town of Loretto/St. Francis past historic Makers Mark bourbon distillery, across some fun and flat winding back roads, up the painfully steep climbs on the infamous Pottershop Rd. into Bardstown. We departed Bardstown and rolled past more distilleries (Heaven Hill and Willet), then found plenty more up and down roads mostly into a stiff headwind all the way to New Hope where we passed the Abbey of Gethsemani (home of many Catholic monks, including the late Thomas Merton), then back to the starting point.


The awesome ride today was a little bittersweet for me because it may actually be my last ride for several weeks. I am scheduled to have a minor procedure to repair some cartilage and meniscus in my knee this week and I will be recovering in-actively for at least 3 weeks. It is tougher to cope with the time off while this mild weather has been lingering and especially now that I’m so energized to get ready for the tough 2016 cycling slate I have planned. Just as I’m looking to get back in my best cycling shape, I will have to be patient not to rush back into more injury. I know deep down that I’m making the right decision for the long haul and I’m going to stay positive about getting caught up on conditioning as soon as possible.


If indeed this was my final ride of 2015, my final cumulative stats for the year are: 2656 miles on 70 total rides with 182,000 feet of elevation. When I compare these to the last 2 years, they don’t compare at all, but considering I feel as though I practically took the year off, I still had some decent achievement. I fully plan to destroy those stats in 2016, even taking the first month of the year off. Also, one final huge shout out to all my close cycling friends … I look forward to riding with all of you in 2016.


Keep a watch out for my planned 2016 cycling schedule to be released next week and I will also keep you informed about my recovery as it progresses. If you get a chance to enjoy this weather, get on out there and ride, ride, ride!