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October 18 at 9:00 AM – Meeting at Masher’s House. 

All RAM Strava, Facebook, Twitter members/followers and/or friends are invited to attend! Route is from Gtown to Versailles to Millville (SAG stop) to Midway to Gtown. The ride is group style at avg pace 17-18 with regrouping as needed. Total distance is planned at 56 miles.

As promised at 4th of July, Masher will be giving away 2 VIP Maker’s Mark bottles to the winners of a friendly sprint/climbing competition. To be eligible for winning, you should be registered on Strava.

Please RSVP here or on our Strava Club Page. Strava Page also has the planned route.

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RAM Cycling has announced our first official group ride of 2015 will be Oktoberfest! It will take place on Sunday October 18, departing and finishing at Masher’s house on a friendly, fun 65 mile route. The ride will venture into parts of Scott, Woodford, and Franklin counties. Any and all of our RAM Cycling friends and family are welcome to join us. There will only be one group and the pace will be a fun, adventurous 17+/- so if you’re a very fast rider, plan to experience a little more casual pace than usual. Likewise, if you’re a slower rider, plan to exert a little more effort than usual to keep up. If it’s mild and warm, it will be fast and if it’s cool and windy, it will be slower.


Planned rest stops will be at Canoe KY in Peaks Mill and at the grocery store in Stamping Ground. There will be a few small hills, nothing too long or steep and plenty of rolling terrain. There will again be refreshments following the ride at Masher’s. There will not be a segments race competition this year but there’s always a friendly county line race for bragging rights and we should cross at least 3. We hope you can make it!

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My Apologies1

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It’s been an up and down year for my cycling, no doubt. I started off ready, willing, and able but shortly into the spring season I found some obstacles that slowed me down. In early summer I overcame a few struggles and fully hoped to get going steady again, however as July passed, I only managed to ride once the entire month. Trying to get some momentum again in August, I resorted to a tactic that I’m comfortable with, and at this point, I’m not ashamed to admit that I was ready to do whatever it takes to get back on my bike for good. So I committed to return to Assault On Mt. Mitchell in 2016, and immediately, my passion has returned. And with it, came my motivation and renewed consistency.

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Before I can move on mentally, I feel as though I owe a few folks an apology for missing in action (though I’m sure these folks don’t feel it’s owed to them). So without further ado  and in no particular order …


First to Tim, the Renaissance Man, sorry I haven’t been there as much this year to support your continued transformation and the beginning of your triathlon career. I’ve certainly missed the great conversation on our rides! Next, to Chris Big Dawg Schmidty, I’m sorry it took me 9 months to get down for a ride with you. For the last 3 years you’ve showed up at nearly every ride I invited you to and I’ve missed riding with you for so many reasons.

To the mass of close friends that I ride with regularly, either at a club ride, century challenge event, small local group ride, or the occasional one on one rides with St. Onge, Madara, Allran, Linn, Toby or anyone else, I’m truly sorry we haven’t gotten to bond on the bike this year. And last but not least, I owe myself an apology for not staying committed to one of my life’s greatest passions.


It it feels great to have renewed energy and be back to regular cycling. I’m very excited to reconnect with all my close cycling friends as soon as possible, in fact I hope all of you can show up for our annual RAM Cycling Oktoberfest ride next month. I’m also very excited to make up ground on my training through the off-season and get back to the Appalachians next May for AOMM and I look to PR once again on the mountain! I don’t use any mirrors on my bicycle, so now that my apologies are out of the way, I’m not looking back any more. The only thing that matters is moving forward and that’s exactly what I’m doing on my bike! Again.


Sincerely, KP masher






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We just wanted to give a shout out to our great friends that were able to join us for our 2nd annual RAM Cycling Oktoberfest bicycle ride!! Huge thanks to Bena, Steph, Linn, Adam, Oleg, Phil, and Bryan for cruising a beautiful 64 mile route through the bluegrass region/horse farm country of Kentucky with Tim and me!!


The route departed and finished in downtown Georgetown, ventured through portions of Fayette, Woodford, Franklin, and Scott counties, with many miles rolling along the Elkhorn Creek. The weather was a little true to the new fall season and started out very chilly, but gradually warmed nicely providing a sun filled sky and a gentle breeze that had little affect on our pace.


We continued the tradition of giving away bourbon for an extra-stellar performance by having another friendly competition, this time collecting points at county line sprints. There were a total of 5 county line signs (2 others were omitted for safety reasons) that some of us attempted to be the first to cross, but at the end of the ride, we had a three way tie for most points. Not having a good tiebreaker rule in place (after all, it’s just for good fun), Adam was kind enough to mention he had received a winner’s fifth of bourbon at last year’s event and he suggested the others tied should get it this year. So the winners of a fifth of Makers Mark bourbon were Oleg and Bena, and keeping in tradition, all the cyclists that rode got to sign each bottle.


Thanks again friends, for making Oktoberfest a very enjoyable and memorable ride! It has been a great group ride to somewhat wind down the last two cycling seasons heading into the time of year with cold temps, unpredictable weather, and less daylight. The camaraderie at the event is awesome and we encourage all our RAM friends to consider joining us for this ride next fall!






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Random Stuff0

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So, as I hang around healing, rehabbing, and mostly becoming bored beyond measure in hopes that I can get back to normal as soon as possible, I feel compelled to keep some info flowing here at RAM Cycling. With no real agenda for this blog post, I just thought I’d offer some random stuff. Some of it with purpose and some off the top of my head.


Off the top of my head … I have at least been a pretty decent house husband washing the dishes, cooking supper, and keeping up the checkbook on a daily basis. I’m not able to do any kneeling or squatting, so I’m off the hook on doing any serious household cleaning and laundry, but I’m sure what I am doing is helping make it less painful on coming home to see me sitting around. Everyday.


OTTOMH … I had some nice email correspondence over the holidays with Adam Crowe and Aaron West. Adam is a long time acquaintance from Bowling Green, KY that I’ve tried to hook up with for some cycling but the timing never cooperates. He is very excited about going to ride up Clingmans Dome from Gatlinburg this year (we have several posts here related to multiple trips I’ve completed)! Aaron is the injured cyclist from South Carolina, that formerly wrote about great climbing rides on his personal blog Steep Climbs. He has a new hip now, and has aspirations of getting back on the bike in some capacity this year. His blog site is still online and worth the time to browse at: www.steepclimbs.com


With purpose … As I looked back over my proposed 2016 cycling schedule of rides, I noticed that I left off (and honestly hadn’t given much thought to) a ride that I keep saying I’m going to do, yet have failed to plan: The Kentucky Bourbon Trail! I first noticed the route a couple years ago when I found the official KBT on Twitter and checked out their website: www.kybourbontrail.com/map which actually posts the various routes online with directions. The long route is about 180 miles total, which would make for a nice challenging  2 day ride. I’m tired of talking about doing this ride and ready to do it. I’m adding it to my schedule this year, who wants to join me?! Let me know who and when. It’s on!


WP … Also, along the lines of my 2016 schedule, I’m rethinking some of the out of state events due to my knee surgery. Initially, I really thought I’d be back to 100% by 4 weeks or so (this was my first surgery, so I had no idea), but I’ve learned the hard way, that it takes time for things to heal and strengthen and the more I try to rush it, the better chance I prolong it by messing up what’s been fixed. So at this point, I am using some of my hard earned vacation days to help compensate my missed time from work which limits the days I will have to spare later. Having said that, I still fully intend to complete the Assault On Mt. Mitchell in May, but I probably won’t get down there or Clingmas Dome for recon work in April. I am strongly considering adding the Ky Century Challenge rides to my schedule to substitute for out of state rides I may have to give up. I completed the first 8 centuries of the challenge in 2013 and 2014, but didn’t complete any last year.


OTTOMH … My Renaissance Man (Timmy) is doing some serious work, training like a beast this off season. He’s definitely all in on the triathlon gig as he’s officially hired a tri coach, joined the Audi KY race team, and already signed up for his first 70.3 half Ironman event! His Strava activity makes a lot of folks appear to be hibernating (like me). Check him out and shoot him some encouraging kudos and comments on the regular.


OTTOMH … I have been working with the Kentucky Hand and Physical Therapy clinic in Georgetown for almost 2 weeks now and I am making major improvements in my physical recovery process. They have done a great job of identifying the stretch and strengthening exercises I need to get back to 100% and the staff is great, I highly recommend them to anyone in the area that requires physical therapy.


OTTOMH … The Polar Cube icing machine is the bomb. They sent one home with me from the hospital and it’s so much easier than old school ice packs. Especially considering I’m still icing my knee and quad about 6 times per day!


OTTOMH … Another cycling acquaintance that I’ve become friends with, Trevor Williamson from Louisville, invited me to join him and friends at the ride Mountians Of Misery in Virginia on Memorial Day weekend. I took a look at it, and it looks right up my alley with plenty of climbing, including some steep stuff in the Appalachians. I am pretty doubtful of doing it this year, but definitely something to keep on the back burner.


WP … The University of Louisville has a cycling coalition club that competes in various disciplines and events in cycling and triathlons. Recently, they partnered with Hincapie Sports to become the official outfitter for the team with their top of the line sportswear. In the near future, they will be designing a jersey to be sold to the public. As soon as it’s available, we will provide more info because I know plenty of friends and followers that are avid Louisville Cardinals fans, just like myself (Trevor, Linn, Rusty, Steve, etc. etc.).


OTTOMH … With all this extra time on my hands, I have already mapped out excellent routes for our 4th of July and Oktoberfest rides. I have grand plans for making these rides very enjoyable and most importantly, memorable. Please stay tuned for specific details to be released as the time draws closer.


That’s probably enough random stuff for now but stay tuned for more soon!