Jul 2011 20

Yes, rams certainly do lead with their horns when moving, which also indicates “moving forward.” So now that we have launched our website and begun to gather and post content, you may wonder, what exactly do we hope to achieve through RAM Cycling. I am excited to inform you that while our total mission is to raise awareness and promote bicycling, we intend to be serious advocates for bicycling legislation and enforcement! Visit RAM Cycling as often as you can, because our site will continue to improve with new and refreshing posts and links designed to help benefit your overall bicycling experience. We vow to keep you updated on our fight to improve legislation, and you can rest assured, when we set out to achieve a goal, we CHARGE like a RAM!

I couldn’t help but try to turn my head (as I’m sure most did), while the footage was replayed over and over on television showing the tragic accident of a t.v. news car striking a cyclist in the “Tour de France,” in turn wrecking he and another cyclist, with the 2nd rider being thrown into a barbed wire fence! I also couldn’t help but think, it’s a darn shame, but an accident like this is possible nearly every time cyclists go out for a ride in any area. Part of the problem is enforcement, and part of the problem is driver awareness, but the biggest problems we face are a lack of laws protecting our rights. As much as I want to get the “3 Feet 2 Pass” law passed in my state of Kentucky, I think TDF officials may seek the same rule for future races. We all make mistakes, I understand that, but I think it’s unbelievable that the driver of the infamous t.v. news car didn’t have enough human dignity to pull over and offer help to the riders they nearly killed. At least stop and say sorry, right?!

Some of the other issues that lie in the roots of the RAM Cycling mission are communicating group ride events, informing safe bicycling tips, and informing the public about other happenings that promote bicycling in America! We intend to report back about century rides that we do, and likewise we want to hear from you. Send us a message and let us know about an upcoming ride in your area, so we can help promote it, or let us know the details about rides you have done, so we can try to put it on our calendar for next year! We 100% support local clubs, in fact, both of the RAM founders are members of “Bluegrass Cycling Club,” the clubs across America are excellent organizers of group rides, which promote all levels of cycling, and also do an excellent job of having “Share The Road With Bicycles” signs posted on roadways, which is key to awareness!

In the coming weeks, we will begin releasing some of the details of our innaugural RAM Ride. It will be an exciting event that will come to Kentucky in 2012, and we are currently working on the route location, and some special guest riders. Don’t want to give away too much, yet. We won’t disappoint. STAY TUNED!!

In closing, if you support bicycling, please feel free to right click on our site and add it to your favorites, or even better, make it your home page, if you would like! Either way, rest assured, this RAM will continue to CHARGE head first, and we look forward to the day when we get to post about our new “3 Feet 2 Pass” Law! You can also follow us and our rides on Twitter.

A Glance At The Past, & A View Of The Future
Jan 2012 13

Wow, time certainly flies and I can’t believe 2011 is now history. Well, it was a memorable year, one that helped me find focus on cycling again, after a great finish to 2010. We recently posted short blogs by Renaissance Man & Masher with their Goals for 2012, but we have yet to publish the Goals for RAM Cycling, until now.

First, let’s reflect on the awesome happenings by RAM Cycling in 2011, then we can take a look at where the road leads for 2012 and beyond. Some simple, but important events accomplished by Renaissance & Masher in ’11:

*   First century ride of the year (first ever for Renaissance Man) was the “Wheels O’ Fire” in Hamilton County, Georgia on April 2, 2011

*   The idea of RAM Cycling first came to light on a Renaissance & Masher shared spring break vacation at Jacksonville Beach, FL during the week following that 1st century ride

*   Our second century ride of the year was “Horsey Hundred” in Georgetown, KY on Memorial Day weekend 2011

*   RAM Cycling was officially launched on the world wide web & twitter around the start of July 2011, we are claiming 4th of July as our Birthday

*   Renaissance & Masher cycled in the sunshine state some more on vacation at Panama City Beach in July

*   The months of August and September saw RAM put in miles and miles in prep for GABRAKY

*   RAM Cycling rode in GABRAKY 2011 in October, a 3 day cycling event that travels around Kentucky (this was our second consecutive year, and included our 3rd century of the year)

*   RAM Cycling closed out 2011 moderately by posting several hundred more miles before rolling into 2012

Now that we have reflected on the recent past, RAM Cycling can only move forward by setting some Goals, just like Renaissance & Masher did personally. The good news is, RAM is a reality, and here are some of the goals we hope to achieve this year or in the very near future:

***   Bring excellent news and memories from our charity and group ride events to life right here at the RAM Cycling website

***   Fight to have legislation introduced and passed into Kentucky Law to raise awareness and safety for bicycling, including a 3-FEET TO PASS LAW, more bike lanes, more Share The Road signs on roadways, more local bicycling events for the public & more

***   Gain corporate backing of some close partners, in order to help support our push for legislative updates and help us promote a more healthy and bicycle friendly America, and also help us support  local charity groups that host events we intend to ride in this year and in years to come

***   RAM Cycling intends to host it’s own bicycle ride event, however the details are still in the planning phase for time of year, course, total miles, and location (expect this to be 1st class when it happens!)

***   Design and purchase our own cycling jersey to wear at events to help promote RAM Cycling, and t-shirts to give away

***   Obviously, we intend to support Renaissance & Masher in all of their bicycling endeavors

***   We want to develop a free membership club for the purpose of distributing important cycling information and legislative updates through a monthly newsletter

***   Finally, we will be excited to publish all of the good news we can find and relate to regarding bicycling

Thanks for visiting RAMCycling.com We hope you will continue to visit throughout 2012, as we try to accomplish our mission. So far it has been a wonderful ride, but it’s a journey that we are glad you are sharing with us. PLEASE feel free to leave a comment on any post we publish, or send us an email at any time. Your feed back is important to us and helps us improve our site for you. You can also follow us on Twitter @RAMCycling. Here’s to a great year in 2012!

Cycling Tip: Be A Cycling Advocate!
Jan 2012 18

As a cyclist, I feel like I belong to an informal family of cyclists. It just seems that the sport of cycling touches so many in so many different ways, whether you cycle for fitness, commuting, competition, or just for the fun of it, we all have one thing in common: the bicycle. And as I immediately discovered once I tried cycling, a certain passion for cycling seems to grow on you, no matter what your skill or fitness level. Like the well being of my closest family and friends are in the back of my mind at all times, so is cycling.

I have the luxury of meeting new people daily through my job, and I always try to find something I may have in common with them, to make my time with them more enjoyable for us both while I work. I have to admit, that I tend to spend a little more time talking to fellow cyclists than most other folks, it just seems that conversation with another cyclist never wants to end. That’s a good thing. It also says a lot about the type of personality most cyclists possess, another good thing.

I know there are a great number of cyclist that enjoyed trail riding and mountain biking, and Kentucky happens to be a beautiful state to ride in for off road trails. However, I personally have never tried it, but that doesn’t mean I won’t someday. As for now, I am perfectly satisfied to maintain my cycling experience on the roads, which Kentucky is also a beautiful state for road cycling as well. Plenty of rolling and steep hills, lots of windy, less traveled roads, more than enough loose dogs, and the benefits of seeing the 4 seasons, which provide a wide spectrum of awesome colors year round.

Knowing how strong the cycling community is, and it seems to be a rapidly growing strength nation wide, I think it’s time we pull closer together, and stand up for what we enjoy most about cycling. Be an Advocate for Cycling! If you see a cyclist on the road, set a good example for other drivers by passing that person only in a safe manner. Chances are, the cars behind you will do the same. If you give a cyclist the right of way they deserve, others will at least notice it. It’s simply leading by example. If you notice a cyclist stopped on the side of the road, it’s okay to stop and offer help . . . they may just be taking a break, but they could actually need help, and you will be very much appreciated. Also, I highly recommend staying in tune with local lawmakers, and always speaking with them about increasing efforts to improve cycling safety and opportunities, such as new bike lanes or off road trail parks. Ultimately, it is never a partisan issue, it’s always a health and safety issue that involves the entire community. If we all do our part to look out for each other, after all, we are one big cycling family, it only enhances the cycling experience for us ALL!

In closing I would like to ask you to take a moment to contact your State Senator or Representative, and ask them to consider updating the laws to improve cycling safety! You can simply leave them a message @ 1-800-372-7181, and encourage other cyclists to do the same. If you get a chance to speak directly with them, let them know you are in favor of a 3 Feet To Pass law, and the other information that Kentucky Department of Transportation posts on their website @ transportation.ky.gov/Share-the-road/Pages/default.aspx

Thanks for your help! RAM Cycling is committed to our mission, which is to improve cycling for all through information, legislation, and the cycling experience. As always, PLEASE feel free to let us know what you think about our site, and if you find it helpful or not.

Remember, the best way to be an Advocate for Cycling, is to get out and ride, so grab the horns of the RAM, and ride like there is no tomorrow!