Renaissance Man’s Season Update and Teaser
Nov 2015 01
Well the days are getting shorter and shorter.  The sun is becoming an endangered species.  And the ride season is winding down.  But here at RAM Cycling, there is a lot of buzz about things that are going on.
First and foremost, KP the Masher is back in the saddle.  And he has set a big goal that will require some massive offseason training – Going sub 6 hours at AOMM 2016.  And to add to that, it looks like a big group of our friends from the BCC will be planning to accompany him on this ride.  We will be setting our own individual goals and aspirations for this unbelievably challenging but rewarding ride.  If you care to join us, let one of us know so we can plan accordingly.
As I reflect on this riding season that is coming to a close, I must say that I am very excited about all that occurred this past year.  Some of my highlights where busting my first 18 mph ride.  That was followed quickly thereafter with my first 19 MPH ride and then finally my first 20 MPH ride.  I must say that I did achieve my speed goals this year.  But I had some big goals at the beginning of the year.  How did i do?  Well let’s explore that and beyond…..

Goal #1 – Hit Target Weight of 215 LBS.
STATUS:  Did not happen.  Still hanging out at 230 LBS.  (Big news coming on this front!)

Goal #2 – Increase FTP to 230 from 215.
STATUS:  Complete.  Achieved 238 FTP.  I plan on doing a current FTP in the next week or so.  (Big news coming on this front too!)

Goal #3 – Complete first triathlon at Sprint and Half Ironman distances.
STATUS:  Yes and no.  I completed two Sprint distance triathlons.  So my racing career has started and you guessed it big news coming here too.

Goal #4 – Ride 4,000+ miles

STATUS:  Complete or at least On target.  As of this writing, I am on target with 3,516 miles and over 15,000 miles in my short cycling career.

Goal #5 – Complete the Kentucky Century Challenge
STATUS:  Complete.  I rode in three of the four rides and averaged over 18 MPH on the Preservation Makeup Ride – my fastest century of all time.

So overall I would say it has been a very successful year.  Next year for me will take a decidedly different approach as I transition from just cycling into training full time as a triathlete.  There will be more big news in this area shortly as I mentioned above and I hope you will join me on the journey.
Most of you will also notice that between Masher and myself, there was limited blogging this year.  There were many reasons from both of us.  But I think you will see a significant change as we set new goals and transition into new areas.  The other big change here at is that sometime in the next 6 months or so, we will be transitioning to a new website.  We hope that this will enable us to bring our stories, reviews, events and other cool stuff to you on a more regular basis, faster and easier.  Look for news and updates on this in the short term.