Jul 2011 20

Yes, rams certainly do lead with their horns when moving, which also indicates “moving forward.” So now that we have launched our website and begun to gather and post content, you may wonder, what exactly do we hope to achieve through RAM Cycling. I am excited to inform you that while our total mission is to raise awareness and promote bicycling, we intend to be serious advocates for bicycling legislation and enforcement! Visit RAM Cycling as often as you can, because our site will continue to improve with new and refreshing posts and links designed to help benefit your overall bicycling experience. We vow to keep you updated on our fight to improve legislation, and you can rest assured, when we set out to achieve a goal, we CHARGE like a RAM!

I couldn’t help but try to turn my head (as I’m sure most did), while the footage was replayed over and over on television showing the tragic accident of a t.v. news car striking a cyclist in the “Tour de France,” in turn wrecking he and another cyclist, with the 2nd rider being thrown into a barbed wire fence! I also couldn’t help but think, it’s a darn shame, but an accident like this is possible nearly every time cyclists go out for a ride in any area. Part of the problem is enforcement, and part of the problem is driver awareness, but the biggest problems we face are a lack of laws protecting our rights. As much as I want to get the “3 Feet 2 Pass” law passed in my state of Kentucky, I think TDF officials may seek the same rule for future races. We all make mistakes, I understand that, but I think it’s unbelievable that the driver of the infamous t.v. news car didn’t have enough human dignity to pull over and offer help to the riders they nearly killed. At least stop and say sorry, right?!

Some of the other issues that lie in the roots of the RAM Cycling mission are communicating group ride events, informing safe bicycling tips, and informing the public about other happenings that promote bicycling in America! We intend to report back about century rides that we do, and likewise we want to hear from you. Send us a message and let us know about an upcoming ride in your area, so we can help promote it, or let us know the details about rides you have done, so we can try to put it on our calendar for next year! We 100% support local clubs, in fact, both of the RAM founders are members of “Bluegrass Cycling Club,” the clubs across America are excellent organizers of group rides, which promote all levels of cycling, and also do an excellent job of having “Share The Road With Bicycles” signs posted on roadways, which is key to awareness!

In the coming weeks, we will begin releasing some of the details of our innaugural RAM Ride. It will be an exciting event that will come to Kentucky in 2012, and we are currently working on the route location, and some special guest riders. Don’t want to give away too much, yet. We won’t disappoint. STAY TUNED!!

In closing, if you support bicycling, please feel free to right click on our site and add it to your favorites, or even better, make it your home page, if you would like! Either way, rest assured, this RAM will continue to CHARGE head first, and we look forward to the day when we get to post about our new “3 Feet 2 Pass” Law! You can also follow us and our rides on Twitter.