R & R for the Bikes Too!
Jul 2011 15

This week on vacation has been very enjoyable. I am a little worried that I may get too used to being able to ride my bike every morning if I want to, but I know that reality won’t continue upon arrival back to the real world. Well, at least we have taken advantage of it while we can. The last 2 days have been good workouts, although its as flat as it can be, there has been a good ocean breeze which has resulted in strong head wind going out, and then same tailwind coming back in. The wind can be a good training aid, somewhat providing resistance similar to climbing.

Off of the bike, we have enjoyed plenty of sun time both at the beach and the pool at our condo resort. I have met and spoke to several families this week on multiple days, including some nice folks from Bowling Green and Louisville, and another cyclist who also brought his bike from Kansas City. In short conversation, he confirmed that KY is also behind the state of Missouri in bicycle friendly legislation, stating that they have had the “3 feet 2 pass” law in place for sometime now, and recently passed a law allowing cyclist riding in bike lanes to continue through intersections at red lights after stopping when there is no oncoming traffic present. More sad confirmation for us being behind the times, but don’t fret yet. RAM Cycling intends to pave the way for future bicycle friendly laws to come about in the great Bluegrass state. We need your help, we can’t do it alone.

A couple of easy things you can do to show support for improving our bicycling rights and laws in Kentucky are #1: Send us a simple message by clicking on the box in the bottom right corner or the RAM Cycling.com webpage; or #2: call or write your state Senator or Representative and let them know how you feel about bicycling laws. They want to hear your ideas, because they represent us, and if an issue is important to us, it is important to them. If you don’t know how to contact your legislators, please send us a message @ our web page, let us know the town you live in, and we will send you the info you need. THANKS for your help!