New Wheelset for the Renaissance Man
May 2012 07

With riding season fully underway, I have experienced my first component failure in my fledgling cycling career.  As some of you know, I purchased Litespeed C3 carbon fiber bicycle at the beginning of 2011.  My trusty stead has carried me over 3,000 miles with no real mechanical issues.  Well that changed after logging 75 miles on the Redbud Ride in London, KY on April 21, 2012.  After a very wet and chilly 75 miles, I had noticed a slight wobble in my rear wheel.  I was not too concerned about it since I had seen this happen before a few weeks back.  It was quickly remedied by a visit to the LBS for a wheel truing.  So once again, I decided to take the bike into the LBS – more focused on a cleaning than a wheel truing.  30 minutes after dropping off the bike, I get the call from Alan that my rear wheel is shot.  There were fractures at half of the spoke nipples and a through and through crack and two.  The FSA RD-60 wheelset had not been able to hold up to my weight.


So what should I do?  I let Alan at Pedal Power Bike Shop help guide me in a correct direction to find the right wheelset for a person of my stature (read also as weight).  After some discussion and talking to some reps, we decided on the Velocity Deep V with Shimano 105 hubs.  Each wheel has 36 stainless steel spokes and brass nipples.  It mean an extra 1.2 pounds of total weight but in the long term, I think it will be a good decision.


The first ride was unbelievably smooth.  The bike feels much more stable and I can feel the stiffness in the wheels.  There also seems to be more responsiveness as a result.  It is only the first ride, but I am excited about the new look and feel for the bike.