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I often catch myself in the middle of a ride where I get lost in the moment and think out loud that “this is one of my favorite roads.” Truth of the matter is, those moments can happen on any ride. After deep reflection on this matter, it seems as though I experience two types of fog zones when cycling. I define a fog zone as the moments when I get so lost in thought or releasing thoughts, that I can nearly forget where I am or not realize how I got there. Surely we all experience this from time to time … driving to work or any familiar location and when you arrive at the destination and think to yourself, I don’t really remember driving here?!


Well, when that type of mind boggling moment occurs but you’re not really lost in thought, there’s a good chance that you are traveling along one of your true favorite roads and just happen to be lost in the moment. I’ve realized this more than once. When it’s easy to just look around and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings, or it dawns on you that the scenery reminds you of a time from your past, you’re definitely on one of your favorite roads. Whether you enjoy flats with a challenging headwind or fast tailwind, the pain of categorized climbing (like me), or bombing down wicked technical descents … if you find yourself on this type of road that appeals to you and enables you to utilize multiple senses at the same time, you have identified another one of your favorite roads.


I have quite a few of my own favorite roads, most of them falling in the area I rode most, closest to home. However, there are a few that are driving distance away too. I consider myself a climber. When I think about what route I’m going to ride, I always identify my ride by which hills I can find and climb. I know many others that plan their rides to avoid these very same hills. I’m admittedly not the strongest climber, although when I am in great masher shape, I can hold my own with anyone I ride with. It’s really tough to claim my favorite climb, but I’d say my top 5 are (in no specific order): Clingman’s Dome from Gatlinburg, TN; Mt. Mitchell from Marion, NC; Black Mountain from Cumberland; Little Shepherd Trail Rd. near Harlan, KY; Leaving Burkesville, KY towards Dale Hollow State Park; and Duncan Rd. near Frankfort, KY.




This is certainly subject to change on any given day, but I’d probably name Camp Pleasant Rd. leaving Peaks Mill headed north as my most favorite road. There’s something about that road that gets me lost in the aura of riding my bicycle. It leaves the Elkhorn Creek canoeing hub town of Peaks Mill towards historic Stamping Ground in Scott County. For about three and a half miles it slowly climbs at around 1-2% grade, winding back and forth along a smaller creek bed through the carved out cliffs. It passes a road side church, several other rural roads, and numerous abandoned homes, sheds, vehicles, and other lawn furniture pieces. There’s a falling apart swinging bridge here and there, and other driveways that cross the creek either in the creek bed, or on an ancient makeshift bridge. The grade is easy, you can really push the pace if you want, but just remember it’s several miles long and the final quarter mile turns just steep enough to use up most or all of your gears but only for a brief moment. Then as quickly as you crest the hill, you’re flying down the other side. That three mile stretch to the top is probably my favorite road.


Having said Camp Pleasant from Peaks Mill to Union Ridge Rd. is probably my favorite, it’s not my only one. I would certainly include Lloyd Rd, Gaines Rd, and White Oak in Scott Co. as a few of my favorite roads along with Clifton Rd, Pisgah Pike, and Delaney Ferry, and McCracken in Woodford Co. Glen’s Creek Rd, Duncan Rd, Devils Hollow, Shadrick Ferry, and of course, Camp Pleasant Rd are all of my favorites in Franklin Co. Just a few of my other favorites are Pottershop Rd near Bardstown, Scott’s Ridge in Marion Co, the stretch of the Redbud Ride along the Rockcastle River, the stretch along the creek from Columbia to Burkesville, new favorite is the climb up through Nada Tunnel and Red River Gorge near Slade. Oh and how could I forget a few of my favorites in Bourbon Co? Definitely have to include the Colville Covered Bridge loop and Peacock Rd as my favorites (on some days, those two may be my most favorite). Obviously, the roads that lead up my top 5 favorite climbs listed above, are also some of my favorites too!


Where and what is your favorite road?! Let me know …  @KPtheMasher