Masher’s C.H.A.R.G.E.
May 2012 30

In a asserted effort to bring cycling event reviews to our readers and followers, I have decided to name my feature ride review blog “Masher’s CHARGE.” The CHARGE stands for “Communicating How All Ride Group Events.” Most well known authors and/or bloggers have a title for their feature works, so why not me, even though I’m not yet well known. My father is a retired journalist/newspaper editor, and a couple of his feature articles were always titled “Travels With Charlie” and “Bits & Pieces.” “Masher’s CHARGE” will be a collective review and rating of any group cycling event that RAM Cycling participates in, documenting random thoughts from Renaissance Man & Masher, as well as other cyclists.

It’s only fair to set some ground rules for how events will be graded overall. So here’s the fair warning on what we will be looking for and how it can affect the rating of a ride. I will attempt to gather simple quotes from riders at various rest stops and at the finish line of how they felt about the route they rode in general. I will list some of the responses with their name or initials and hometown (with their permission) in “Masher’s CHARGE.” We will not let the weather play a factor in grading the ride, we are only rating the factors that the ride committee can control. These items include, but are not limited to: traffic along the route, friendliness of the traffic, hospitality and fuel at rest stops, spacing and efficiency of stops, scenery along the routes, mapping and marking of routes, cost for event, free ride swag (gifts and/or shirts in goody bag), marketing of event, and overall ride experience.

It’s also only fair to have a year end re-cap of highlights and dim lights, and rank each ride in order of RAM Cycling personal approval, since we’ll be reviewing and rating anyways. So there we have it. The ground rules have been laid out and now the competition is on, at least for bragging rights to be determined by a couple of passionate cyclists know as Renaissance And Masher. So far in 2012 to date, RAM Cycling has ridden and reviewed “Redbud Ride” in London, KY. Upcoming rides we are already registered for include “Horsey Hundred” in Georgetown, KY, and unfortunately the “Gran Fondo Louisville by Upland Brew Co.” has been recently canceled. Some others currently on the list of possible rides include “Buckhead Border Challenge” triathlon in Louisville, KY, “My Old Kentucky Home Tour” in Bardstown and Louisville, KY, “Sunrise Century” in Clarksville, TN, and “GABRAKY” across the state of KY.

Feel free to email us and request that we try your favorite ride so that you can see how it stacks up against the others. We will also be happy to post a guest review of a ride that we are not able to attend. Simply contact us by clicking the yellow “quote” icon next to the title of this article and post a comment, or click on the “contact us” in the right side column on our home page! Stay tuned for the next “Masher’s CHARGE” following Memorial Day Weekend!