Jan 2018 27


The new year is already nearly a month old, unbelievable how fast time flys. Looking back over our most recent content here at RAM Cycling, I realize I lost track of my writing in 2017. However, I’ve never lost my passion for cycling! Before I roll out my plans for the riding in 2018, let me briefly touch on/ wrap up a few things from last year.


First, I have to publicly express my huge feeling of pride in Tim the Renaissance Man! I was lucky to witness him accomplish his mission in becoming the Iron Deacon by completing the official Ironman Louisville triathlon last October. Very few folks know how many obstacles he had in his training schedule, but he never let anything keep him from accomplishing the mission. Awesome job Tim!


Next, I need to apologize for not writing enough reviews about a couple of my favorite rides from 2017. My first full year trying the new adventure of riding mountain bike climaxed when I participated in the “12 Hours of Capitol View” race in hometown Frankfort. It was a blast! Tons of cyclists from numerous states.  Over a thousand miles were ridden on the single track trails in my backyard and it’s an awesome social event. I managed to complete 66 miles in 6 full laps! I was whipped, but had a huge sense of accomplishment.


I also completed the century route again with my fundraising friends of Team Just Cycle at “Bike to Beat Cancer.” This is a ride to benefit Norton’s Cancer Institute in Louisville, KY.  I can’t put into words of  what an awesome feeling it is to participate in this event. It has so much meaning behind it and is supported as well as any ride I’ve ever done. I’m looking forward to this ride for years to come and hoping to raise even more money each year. Please let me know if you can help! Trust me, you can! And it’s greatly needed and appreciated!


Finally, I owe one more apology. I chose not to host my annual “RAM Cycling Oktoberfest” ride for a couple reasons. We have held it during October the first three years and I knew that would be problematic with Tim’s triathlon training. I didn’t want to have the event without him. My fitness had some peaks and valleys in 2017, and that was another reason I chose not to host it. For those of you that have attended one of these rides, you’ll be happy to know I have plans to replace it. This year I will introduce a new century ride “Bourbon RAM Fondo.” This ride will be a challenging century route around Frankfort and there will once again be bourbon at the finish! All of our friends are invited to attend, I will set the date very soon. Secretly, I hope to gain local interest in this idea and possibly grow into a partnership with Buffalo Trace. My interest in bourbon heritage is on the rise and I’m very lucky to be a neighbor to the National Historic Landmark distillery.



Now onto 2018… I have declared this a comeback year for the Masher! Rather than talk about it or write about what’s to come too much, I have vowed to let my actions speak for me. Here’s what I’m thinking and I’m pretty excited. I believe this early optimism is the most enthusiastic I’ve been about cycling in several years and it’s a great feeling. I have already signed up for the KY Century Challenge again. I publicly committed to ten centuries on my Twitter account. I also plan to do some unofficial century rides with friends especially Schmidty! Definitely doing the 12 hour CVP race again. Hopefully  my schedule will line up for me to join Nathan and other friends on a MTB guys weekend in Pisgah National Forest.


In closing, I invite any of my friends and/or RAM followers to track my actions by following and my activities on Strava (Kevin Pearl). Or even better, join me on the road or trail! Hopefully you can see me riding in an Ale-8 One Ambassador cycling jersey at one of these events, since I  plan to submit my application to join their team!


Let’s Ride!   *** masher***