Gear Review: Vittoria Tires
Aug 2013 28

Near the end of the 2011 cycling season, I made the decision to make a purchase. After months of reviewing and researching, I bought a Jamis Zenith Pro road bike and when the bike shop ordered it for me, they said it was the only one of that particular model sold in the state of Kentucky that year and it was the last one in my size. I’ve been riding that bike faithfully since it became part of the family in October 2011, in fact, I actually sold my previous road bike because it was too nice to sit around and waste.

I’ve had a few mechanical parts worked on or replaced as expected due to normal wear and tear. I’m especially hard on the chain, or so they say at Pedal Power, my local bike shop, nearly every time I take it in for service. Well, they’re about to see it again this week, and I’m not surprised. This time, it’s time for new tires! What does surprise me though, is how many miles I got on the tires I have now, which happen to be the original ones. I have no idea how many miles one should expect to get on a set of road tires, and I’m sure a lot of factors play a part in their life expectancy, but here’s what this set of Vittoria Rubino Pro Slicks went through: over 5,000 total miles in nearly 2 years on the road, some of those roads being very rough pavement (all of my local club members that have ridden Old Lemons Mill Rd will certainly agree), probably half of the miles were with my overweight, I’m not the cyclist that takes the best of care of my bike unfortunately, but I do maintain it and tend to any problems immediately, and through all of this rough riding, I’ve only had 1 flat tire! I know, I know, I just jinxed the heck out of myself, but it’s true!

I could probably order a new set off the internet and save a few dollars, and I’m certainly cable of replacing them myself, but I won’t. I’ll take it in to Pedal Power and have them order the new tires and perform the switch out. My philosophy is simple: if you can’t support your local bike shop, you shouldn’t expect it to support you! I’ve never waited more than a week for service there, but according to my triathlete friend Steph, they sometimes expedite the work. I’m not giving her secret away, but I may give it a try. One thing’s absolutely for sure, I will wait, if necessary, to ensure I get the exact same tire: the Vittoria Rubino Pro Slick! I’m not being paid to promote their product, and I haven’t been promised any product. If they want to send anything, I’ll certainly accept it, and use it because I’m 100% sold on their brand. I have no reason to try any other tire after the last 5,000 miles! I’m not even familiar with the company, but I will be writing them to let them know how pleased I am with the product and let them know that my opinion is being shared here. Conclusion: next time you need to replace your bicycle tires, I highly recommend Vittoria brand!