Jun 2013 23

Ram LadiesThis year on the 4th of July, RAM Cycling will celebrate it’s 2nd anniversary of being on the world wide web! We have put a lot of effort into this site, which happens to be our passion. We think our message says exactly how we feel about cycling: “Grab the horns of the RAM, and ride like there is no tomorrow!”

In an ongoing process to bring you, our public viewers, the content and material you desire to find when you click on www.ramcycling.com we are in need of your feedback. We do put precious time and thought into each blog we post, however, we don’t get much feedback in the comment sections. Does that mean we are doing great? Or not so great? Either way, we would love to hear what you think about our stories, and especially what we can do to make this site better for you.

We want to give away a free RAM Cycling bicycle jersey, therefore we will be having a raffle drawing to determine the winner. All you have to do to have your name entered is simple: 1.) Post a comment on this blog post and let us know what you like about RAM! Tell us what we are doing that gets your attention, then likewise, give us your opinion on what we can do to improve. No comments will be taken as offensive, so please tell us how you feel, so we can better RAM in the long run. 2.) Subscribe to RAM Cycling by simply entering your email address and clicking submit (this is in the right hand column on Home page).

Unfortunately, we will not allow family members to be placed into the raffle, this would not seem fair. However, any family members that would like a RAM Cycling jersey, please let us know size and quantity, and we will be happy to get you the family discount. Each (non-family member) person that submits a comment on this post and subscribes will have their name entered into the raffle that will be drawn out on fourth of July weekend. We will contact the winner to get their size and shipping address, then your jersey will be ordered. We look forward to hearing your constructive criticism because we look forward to making RAM a better experience for you as we move forward.

There is NO (zero) purchase necessary to enter this free contest! There is NO (zero) cost for the winner to receive their free jersey! All cost including taxes and shipping will be paid by RAM Cycling! Good luck, and thanks in advance, for helping us improve your experience at www.ramcycling.com !!!


  • Charlsie Garrett

    Since I’m not eligible and always make posts to your site because my hubby and I enjoy reading about your rides and knowledge of cycling. Can we get the “Family discount” on (2) jerseys. Love y’all And keep up the great work and rides 🙂

    • Family discount? For y’all? Absolutely! No problem, just let me know sizes and quantity before I place the winner’s order.

  • Tommy Johnson

    I enjoy reading about your personal trials and tribulations regarding cycling. I am a beginning cyclist and I really take to heart your personal experiences. I think that the “3 feet to pass” campaign is a great idea and from experience can say that 3ft would be great, 6ft would be outstanding! You guys have a great blog and I enjoy the posts!

    • Tommy, I recommend you join the Bluegrass Cycling Club and take advantage of wealth of cycling knowledge they share for beginners through seasoned vets! They also offer group rides at paces and mileage from beginners through century rides. It’s a great way to boost your confidence riding with others and helps motivate me. Thanks for following RAM.

  • Thanks for all the great feedback thus far. I have received a couple comments via email or on another post. The rules state please post any comment on this blog post to be eligible for the free jersey. Please put your comments here, even if you have posted comments on other articles previously, to be correctly entered. Thanks!

  • Tim Melton

    I like the variety of post, from ride experiences to interviews with bike shop owners and workers. I agree the Bluegrass Cycling Club has a lot to offer all levels of riders. With more than 700 members,there is something for everyone, group rides, socials, networking, and great people like you both to enjoy the roads of Central KY. Keep up the great work.

  • Curt

    Thanks for your blog. I enjoyed reading about your experiences at the different rides you have done.

  • Doug Wagner

    We have the 3 ft law here in FL ; enforcement is difficult

  • Sam

    Thank you for the insights into the various rides and the inspiration to continue riding even when the motivation is lacking. Keep up the good work!

  • Brad Davis

    Hey guys! I really enjoy reading the reviews on your blog. I just started cycling last summer, so I am still a beginner and am still really fired up about the sport. I also know Tim pretty well from church. The only thing I would like to see is a little more frequent posting. I check other blogs I enjoy daily because there is likely new info on there, which in turn leads to a feeling of getting to know the blogger better. I do understand, though, it takes time to do this so it can become too demanding. Another thing (that may slow you down a little on rides) is more photos. I love seeing photos of the things talked about in blog entries. It would give the readers a lot more feel of being there.

    And, what ever happened to Tim?? Seems a lot like Masher Cycling lately! 😉 Overall, Great blog though! Keep up the good writing!