Don’s LXX Ride
Aug 2011 15

Translation: Don Stosberg hosted an invitational fun ride to help him celebrate reaching 70 years young this past weekend. The ride, an eventful 50 mile loop, from his Devil’s Hollow Rd. driveway, a few miles outside Frankfort, through Bagdad, Pleasureville, Eminence, and back to Don’s house, allowed Renaissance & Masher to think back to an idea we developed towards the end of the riding season last year. We thought it would be cool to start a “Birthday Bicycling Club,” that would not be for members only, but would be a way that we could get close friends together for a bike trek anytime someone’s b-day arose. We thought the rule would be that when it’s your b-day, you send out the invite, you pick the route, you provide the after ride treat, and everyone else shows up to honor your day! Maybe Don helped us get this officially started.

Don’s LXX Ride was a fun journey, one I’m glad to have participated in, and I look forward to the next friend’s b-day. Keeping true to the ride title that Don chose, I will call this the numbers ride and summarize with roman numerals.

II:   Total number of flat tires repaired on the side of the road during the ride, and also the number of female riders (Angela and Julia)

III:   The total number of counties we rode in, although I never saw a single county line road sign.

V:      Total number of male riders (Don, Charles, Greg, Tim, and Kevin)

VII:   Total number of riders that started and completed the ride, all with different ending mileage.

X:   Approximate start time of the ride in the morning.

XV:   Number of seconds that it took Masher to get clipped in when the ride began to roll. Time for new cleats!

XX:   Number of seconds it took us to reach our first climb, which proved to be probably the longest, toughest grade climb of the day. Masher got clipped in just in time.

XXXIII:   Mileage where the group was accidentally split up for the first time as we were arriving at Eminence. Also where Renaissance accumulated some extra miles looking for the follow group.

XXV:   Mile marker where we stopped at a local Dairy Queen restaurant in Eminence for lunch break. Also where Masher bought a PowerBall lotto ticket and some more water for the gang.

XXVII:   Approximate number of minutes it took Renaissance & Masher to get to a McDonalds drive through upon exiting Don’s house, and celebrating the ride finish with a strawberry milkshake. It hit the spot, as usual!

XXXIV:   Mileage where the group was split up for a second time, this time for the remainder of the ride. After a 6-7 mile push into a stiff headwind leaving our lunch break, the front group passed up a turn by a couple of miles.

XXXV:   Age of the youngest rider in the 7 person group.

XXXVII:   Close to the number of minutes that the front group waited at the wrong turn for the back group before we decided it may make sense to look at our route sheet. That’s the moment that we also realized we were now the back group for the rest of the ride, and it was an unspoken pact that we would not let this group split up.

XL:   Probably the number of dogs that we passed, however, thankfully not a single one decided to see how one of us taste.

LIV:   Total mileage at the finish for Masher, although, because of circumstances, every rider recorded a different number that ranged from LII – LVIX.

LXIII:   Age of Charles, who celebrated his birthday on the same day as Don.

LXX: Age of the oldest rider in the group, who also happened to be our host on this fun ride. Thanks for the ride Don, the weather was great, the hills and headwind were awesome by Masher’s standards, the memories will be too many to place a roman numeral next to. I hope you started a tradition that will continue on others birthdays. I am already thinking about the route for my b-day, which will fall a week after GABRAKY, the Governor’s Annual Bike Ride Around Kentucky, and formerly called the Grand Autumn Bike Ride Across KY, a great yearly fundraiser ride for the Grand Theater in Frankfort. More details regarding this ride will be posted in the near future, but immediate info can be found on their website at As always, the time I spent on this journey for Don’s LXX Ride was much better than wasting a Saturday at work, or doing yard work, or sitting on the couch watching tv!