Jul 2014 15


Renaissance And Masher have landed on the east coast at Oak Island, NC. Today’s ride was a pleasure ride, casually strolling along the avenue parallel to the beach, checking out the local scenery and enjoying the brisk ocean breeze. The majority of the 25 mile ride was along the coast with a brief jaunt across the Atlantic Intercoastal waterway and back, finding a few Strava segments and finishing with one of our own in the last half mile to our condo. See our Strava details on the homepage to view the route.


Why Oak Island? Why not? Actually, we are making our first visit to Oak Island to witness the wedding of my brother later today (July 14, 2014) to his fiance Andrea (Andi) B, as this is where they have vacationed with her family for years now, and they finally decided to tie the knot as she always dreamed of marrying at a beach wedding. So, technically, we didn’t choose Oak Island, but we’re happy to be here. Wouldn’t have missed it for anything, and neither would our bicycles (as usual).


Since we are on summer family vacation, we have not made plans for the rest of our week, but I’m sure it will include cycling, along with beach time, pool time, beer time, sun time, and much needed fellowship time throughout! Stay tuned to our Strava page for future routes here on the island and see if we can crack any segment Top 10s!