Apr 2017 03


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Three full months and 500+ miles into another year now, I feel as though I am at a rest stop at the intersection of improvement and plateau. Sitting in a mountain cabin I on a hillside in Sevier County, Tennessee, listening to the rain fall and faint sounds of thunder rolling across the forest, resting up from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and for the upcoming challenge of cycling up the mountain to Clingmans Dome point tomorrow, I’m in complete contemplation of where I go from here.


Just over a year ago, I was recovering from arthroscopic knee surgery, and the year prior to that, my fitness slowly faded to the point of mediocrity. The 2-3 years leading up to that climax was very fun, as I enjoyed being a strong cyclist, much more fit and much lighter than I am today. However, before that, I was also the picture of mediocrity when it came to cycling and fitness. Earlier today Tim and I joked about the ups and downs associated with our RAM Cycling “business” over the years, noting that all of the ups and downs were the elevations gains on our activities (LOL), but a harsh reality I face now, is where I go from here. If history repeats, I’m due for a fun ride, recovering my fitness and cycling strength as time moves forward, however there’s also the fear that I break the cycle of the pendulum swinging back and forth, and maintain the plateau of weakness that I’m on. Or even worse, the possibility that I could regress also exists.


I know which road I need to take. I set myself in motion towards the point of this crossroads several months ago, when we scheduled the Clingmas ride and I mentally committed to it, however in full disclosure, knowing I had completed the challenge of climbing it in the past, I have not prepared for it quite the way I needed to, given my lack of strength, stamina, and fitness. I officially found myself sitting at this crossroads last weekend, when I decided to join my good friends Schmidty, Leighton, and St. Onge on a century ride in south central Kentucky. In fact, it was a 106 mile ride, with some tough hills and a very challenging head wind over the last 40 miles or so. Especially challenging given my state of physical fitness and weight. During the course of the ride, I felt pretty strong through the first 50-60 miles but gradually weakened over the next 20 or so, then finally just couldn’t keep the pace for the last 20+ miles. I visited a trying place within myself, hence landing at this crossroads. I thought I would’ve been satisfied with finishing with 100 miles on the dot but at the 100 mile mark, we were still six miles from Schmidty’s home where we started, so I wasn’t stopping until I finished.


So here I am at the crossroads … one road leads to where I want (need) to be— weight loss, cycling and fitness Mecca, improved overall mental and physical health and happiness … another road leads to nowhere—its the same road I’ve been on for a year or so now, nothing gained, nothing lost … another road heads where I don’t (can’t) want to go— the path to fitness and happiness decline, further overweight and out of shape, to the point where the threat of parking the bike looms … and the only other road here is the one I just came from, the path that brought me to this crossroads.


Which road will I choose? @KPtheMasher