Aug 2014 27








Deep into the cycling season and the temperature is hot.  Finally it is hot and not the cool temps we have experienced in the middle summer.  The cool temps motivate us, make us go faster and make cycling a joy.  Hot and humid not so much.  Hot is bearable.  Hot and humid makes for a tough ride no matter what your fitness level is.  It can take the fun out of it.

So what do we do?  Slow down and enjoy the ride.  That’s right do the exact opposite of what you are striving to do.  We all want to improve and ride farther and faster.  We want to go from the B group to the A/B Group.  But when hot and humid grab a hold of your tires……slow it down and enjoy the ride.  Get your heart rate in Zone 2, lock in the cruising speed, and look around at the beautiful sites we have here in Central Kentucky.  We ride it all the time, but most of us never see it.

So take these dog days of summer and enjoy the ride and meet some new people.  But most of all enjoy the scenery that is Kentucky Cycling.


Sep 2015 12

RAM Cycling has announced our first official group ride of 2015 will be Oktoberfest! It will take place on Sunday October 18, departing and finishing at Masher’s house on a friendly, fun 65 mile route. The ride will venture into parts of Scott, Woodford, and Franklin counties. Any and all of our RAM Cycling friends and family are welcome to join us. There will only be one group and the pace will be a fun, adventurous 17+/- so if you’re a very fast rider, plan to experience a little more casual pace than usual. Likewise, if you’re a slower rider, plan to exert a little more effort than usual to keep up. If it’s mild and warm, it will be fast and if it’s cool and windy, it will be slower.


Planned rest stops will be at Canoe KY in Peaks Mill and at the grocery store in Stamping Ground. There will be a few small hills, nothing too long or steep and plenty of rolling terrain. There will again be refreshments following the ride at Masher’s. There will not be a segments race competition this year but there’s always a friendly county line race for bragging rights and we should cross at least 3. We hope you can make it!