MasherNewHello, I’m Kevin Pearl, a.k.a. The Masher………
I am very happily married to my high school sweetheart for 17 years now, a father of 3 sons, with 2 family dogs, and I’m a plumber by trade. I grew up in several small towns throughout central Kentucky most of my young life, and have made Georgetown my home, having hailed here for about 13 years now. I joined the U.S. Marines after high school and served in the reserves in military police for a total of 6 years. After obtaining my Journeyman and Master licenses, I started and ran my own plumbing business for nearly 10 years before selling it to a heating and cooling company in Lexington, where I have worked for over 3 years now. My wife is a nurse and full time Mom. We are both active members at Saints Francis & John Catholic Church in Georgetown. I loved playing sports growing up, and we rode our bikes everywhere when I was young!  I have been a sports fan all of my life, and I’m always rooting for the Louisville Cardinals.

I began cycling in 2006, as a way to spend time with my father, and challenged myself to ride GABRAKY, a fall bicycle ride across Kentucky, and a ride my father had done one year prior. I fell in love with cycling that summer and have gone from borrowing my dad’s Trek hybrid bike to a Giant aluminum bike with flat handlebars, to my first road bike a carbon Trek Pilot 5.0, and now I ride “Roadie,” my 2011 Jamis Zenith Pro. I rode faithfully from the moment I began in the spring of ’06 until work overloaded me in late ’08, when I became too consumed and missed most of the season in ’09. Thankfully, with the motivation from new cyclist and close friend Tim, I saddled back up in ’10 and have ventured many miles on a bicycle in the last three years. I am proud to be a member of our local bicycling group, the Bluegrass Cycling Club (visit us at ), and also a member of Adventure Cycling Association.

I cycle for many reasons. I have found answers to many of my life’s questions on the backroads of north central Kentucky. I have been able to get fit and lose weight multiple times now having gone initially from about 240 down to 175, and now doing it again. I love to ride with big or small groups, flat or hilly, at any pace, just as long as I’m riding. My favorite ride is still that first GABRAKY tour. It’s when I found my passion and made my first contacts that I still look forward to riding with today. So far, my favorite century ride is Horsey Hundred sponsored by the Bluegrass Cycling Club every year on Memorial Day weekend. I have ridden it numerous times. I was given the nickname Masher first by Troy Hearn, former owner of Capital City Cycles,  in reference to my style of pedaling on some of the hills. I bought my Jamis carbon fiber road bike from Troy, but unfortunately he had to close his shop in early 2012. Most of my cycling friends have learned my nickname, and agree it fits. Simply put, I’m passionate about pedaling (mashing).


As passionate as I am about bicycling, I am very aware that we seem to be somewhat “behind the times” in my immediate area. I am happy to report that since we started RAM Cycling 2 years ago, our hometown has reduced our downtown traffic lanes from four car lanes to 2 car lanes and 2 bicycle lanes on Broadway Street. Also, there have been numerous bike racks and stands donated and placed around Georgetown. Slowly, but surely we are moving forward in the “improved cycling awareness” category. RAM Cycling will continue to fight and do our part for this cause. Cycling is my passion, and I love to share it with others. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns relating to cycling!


  1. Gordon Glass says:


    We have probably met on the Tuesday night rides in Georgetown at some point. I would like to catch some of your rides, once I get back in shape.

    Gordon Glass

    • kpearl says:

      Thanks for reading Gordon, I’m pretty sure we did ride together at BCC Gtown. I’ve only been to 1 winter weekend ride so far. Look forward to riding with you again soon.

  2. Rodney Wolfe says:

    The assault is a great ride this will be my third. Riding also changed my life and as the doctor said probably saved my life as I found a heart condition while training for the Assault in 2011. Great article and look forward toseeing you on the 20th.

    • kpearl says:

      Thanks for checking out RAM Cycling, Rodney! I’m looking forward to The Assault, feel free to share any tips that have helped you on your first two trips. Thanks, Masher

  3. Jack Daniel says:

    Kevin, Great meeting you on the ride! Great write up about your experience. I am glad you had a great time at the Assault! I know about the smile you had all the way down the mountain! Our bus was the same way.
    As for knocking some sense into you about wanting to ride in 2014, I fully expect to see you there! This was my first Assault. My wife has done the Assault 4 of the last 5 years!

    Great Blog!

    • Masher says:

      Thanks for the vote of confidence Jack, my goal was to finish my first attempt. Next try, I hope to go up the mountain with you, Aaron, and the rest of your group. And hopefully, I can con a few of my friends to come along, I know they will love (& hate) me for it!

  4. Dixie Moore says:

    keep going. maybe we can get the legacy trail to Georgetown.

  5. Victor Smith says:

    Just out of curiosity… What are the small towns in KY that you grew up in, and was your father by any chance in publishing?

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