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Hello, I’m Kevin Pearl, a.k.a. The Masher, co-founder of RAM Cycling, welcome to our passion.

So in case you’re wondering, what is RAM . . . it’s actually who is RAM.  RAM is founded by myself and my good friend Tim Stout, a.k.a. The Renaissance Man, and RAM is simply an acronym for us . . . Renaissance And Masher.

Tim and I have a shared passion for bicycling and through RAM Cycling our ultimate goal is to promote more awareness to bicycling!

We have many other objectives at RAM Cycling, all relating to bicycling, and we encourage you to follow our journey.  We also hope that you will begin or continue a bicycling journey of your own.

Thank you for visiting, and you will always be welcome at RAM Cycling.


  1. Kennedy Pearl says:

    The site looks great guys look forward to seeing more as time goes.

  2. Jay Hall says:

    You guys are truly an inspiration! Keep on pedaling.

  3. Rick Mattingly says:

    Nice site guys. Just ordered a spinner. Hopefully I can build up enough wind to hang with you a little, albeit on my Wal-Mart special, haha. It will have to do for now

  4. Tim Davis says:

    Tim Stout – a blast from the past! TS and I were colleagues in Louisville at Courtaulds Coatings/Akzo.
    I am just getting back into cycling again after a few years away from the saddle – mostly for the same reasons I think Tim jumped in – advancing years and an expanding waistline!! Having cycled in my youth in England where i grew up, and being a somewhat regular visitor back there, we definitely need to do something about biking safety in this country. It seems that in the UK there is an acceptance that cyclists are road users too and their is a better level of “courtesy driving” around cyclists in general. Not so much here in the US!
    Happy and safe cycling to all!!

  5. Tim – Thanks for looking. Keep coming back and maybe we can get a ride together sometime!

  6. Hello RamCycling,

    I am Rodney from the Redbud Ride. I loved your blog article about our ride. Willie Sawyers, the publisher of The Times Tribune and the London Sentinel-Echo newspapers, asked if it would be OK if he published the article. Thank you in advance for your reply.


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