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Last year when I moved back to my hometown, Frankfort, I decided to join good friend Nathan and sign up to do the “Bike To Beat Cancer” bicycle ride in Louisville, KY. So I welcomed myself to his team of locals on TEAM JUST CYCLE and registered for the event. I really had no idea what level of awesomeness I was getting myself into by joining this team and participating in such a meaningful ride.


Last year, I set a fundraising goal of $500 and was able to get just a little more than that donated to help fight cancer. One great feature of the fundraising for this ride is that thanks to the extremely gracious corporate sponsors, 100% of the funds raised by the bicyclists goes directly to help fight cancer through research and treatment at Norton Cancer Institute in Louisville! I was blown away by the friendliness and support of many volunteers and especially surprised by the gracious hospitality displayed by my own teammates. I immediately signed up after the ride to do it again this year!


This year I do not have a specific monetary goal, however I truly hope to get as much money donated to help fight cancer as I possibly can. I am going about it a little different though. This year, I don’t intend to raise funds, I intend to earn them! How, might you ask? Well, I’ve decided to get way out of my comfort zone by entering a race…yes, an official race, and on a mountain bike albeit for 12 hours. A couple things I’ve never done include racing on a bike (official paid event) or riding a bike for 12 hours. I have signed up for the 12 Hours Of Capitol View, a ride on the last Sunday of August at Capitol View Park in Frankfort, KY where riders will have 12 hours to complete as many laps on the 11 +/- miles course as they can. In my first year of mountain biking, I’m very much a novice, but will work my tail off to earn donations for my B2BC ride in September.



Here’s how it works. I’m humbly requesting any and all of my family, friends and friends of family and friends (and so on…) to graciously pledge a dollar amount for each lap that I am able to complete in the 12 hour race. Before you commit your bank account, I’ll give you some insight to my expectations. As the novice and not in great shape cyclist that I am, I should be able to complete 4-5 laps as a solo rider. I have set a very lofty goal of 6 laps for myself, but you can rest assured, whether I complete 2 laps or 6, I will not stop trying for more until the clock runs out! The pain I will face on my longest day on a bike will be nothing to endure compared to those that battle cancer. To summarize…for every ten people that can pledge $10 per lap, then I will earn $100 for every lap!! I’m realistic, humble, and gracious, therefore I don’t expect everyone to pledge $10/lap but I’ll gladly take what I can get. Please carefully consider how much you can give to help fight cancer. Of course, I’ll be more than happy to take a simple donation to my ride, but if you know me at all, you know I’d rather earn it. And I will!


Please send your pledges in ASAP via comment, email, Twitter, or Facebook (RAM Cycling, since I don’t have a personal account). Also, please feel free to share this post with all of your friends and family however you can. THANKS in advance for your generosity and consideration in helping me fight cancer!!


masher@ramcycling.com    #TeamJustCycle # BikeToBeatCancer

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