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*Cyclists Beware: if we choose to disregard the laws of the road, even the occasional running a red light or stop sign, there can potentially be serious consequences. These consequences will be our fault.

*Non-Cyclists Beware: there are people riding bikes in and around towns with no regard to the laws of the road, these folks are NOT cyclists, they just happen to use a bike for transportation and are not watching out for you or themselves. Don’t stereotype cyclists based on these people’s actions please.

*Cyclists Beware: many non-cyclists think we don’t belong on the roads and will put us in dangerous situations when passing unsafely. Always be prepared for this scenario so you can respond in a moments notice.

*Non-Cyclists Beware: cyclists are allowed to ride our bicycles on any roadways except major parkways and interstate highways, unless otherwise posted. Please share the road safely with us.

*Cyclists Beware: when riding in groups, please be courteous to non-cyclists by riding single file if the roadway prevents drivers from safely passing. If there is a wide shoulder that is not full of debris, try riding in this area to avoid close calls, when possible.

*Non-Cyclists Beware: many of the nice, wide shoulders on the roads are filled with gravel, glass, trash, and other debris that is unsafe for bicycle travel and will cause us to have flat tires. That’s why we don’t ride there often.

* Cyclists Beware: I find that many non-cyclists are much more aware of passing us safely when I acknowledge that I see them by simply waving or tipping my cap. Also friendly speaking or waving to drivers, pedestrians, or folks in their yard, breeds friendly behavior from them when they pass us or other cyclists later.

*Non-Cyclists Beware: if you choose to pass a cyclist in a blind curve, on a blind hill, or in any other blind or unsafe manner, there can potentially be consequences, sometimes fatal. This can be avoided by simply adding a few extra seconds to your trip. These consequences will be your fault.

* Cyclists Beware: if you experience a mechanical issue on your ride, such as a flat tire or chain problem, it is our responsibility to get safely off the roadway while making the repair.

*Non-Cyclists Beware: nearly all cyclists also drive vehicles and work jobs, paying  the same taxes and vehicle registrations as you, therefor we are also paying for the roads that we share.

* Cyclists Beware: there are many drivers that now use their phones to text, email, message, and use other social media while also attempting to drive, which causes them to sometimes not see us until the last second or not at all.

*Non-Cyclists Beware: cyclists don’t want to be on the heavily traveled roads but sometimes it’s necessary to use these roads to get to the back roads less traveled that we prefer. Please don’t honk, yell, or throw things at us. We will be out of everyone’s way sooner if you just be patient and share the road safely.

*Cyclists & Non-Cyclists Beware: a mutual awareness of each other, a general moral friendliness towards each other, and following the rules and laws of the road will result in safer travels for us all. It’s not that difficult, if only we will both beware of each other.


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Our next group ride is being held in two weeks on Saturday October 18. All of our cycling friends and strava club members are invited to come ride with us!

The route will be a 55 mile loop from downtown Georgetown. We will start out towards Keeneland, passing numerous beautiful horse farms over some rolling hills. The group will go through Versailles en route to a couple challenging climbs near Millville as we go up “Clifton” (the hard way), then “Duncan” into Frankfort. There will be a brief rest stop in between the two climbs with drinks and snacks. The route will turn for home and pass through historic Midway as we finish back in Scott County. There will also be a few drinks and snacks at the finish.

It is a group ride with a pace average between 16-18 mph. There will only be one group, and we will regroup after the climbs or at intersections, as needed. One little twist: there will be a friendly competition with the two climbs and also three sprints. Masher promised at the 4th of July ride he would give out a VIP Makers Mark bourbon bottle, and now he has 2! The competition details are simple. The sprints and climbs will be marked on the route and road and every rider is on their own as they try to be first to cross the line. Points will be awarded podium style: 3 points to the first place finisher of the segment (climb or sprint), 2 to second, 1 to third. The rider with the most points in each classification will win the bourbon. Classes will be determined on site pre-ride.

Can’t wait to ride with you! The ride will roll out at 9am from Masher’s home. If you need further details, please contact Tim or Kevin directly, or post comment here.



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October 18 at 9:00 AM – Meeting at Masher’s House. 

All RAM Strava, Facebook, Twitter members/followers and/or friends are invited to attend! Route is from Gtown to Versailles to Millville (SAG stop) to Midway to Gtown. The ride is group style at avg pace 17-18 with regrouping as needed. Total distance is planned at 56 miles.

As promised at 4th of July, Masher will be giving away 2 VIP Maker’s Mark bottles to the winners of a friendly sprint/climbing competition. To be eligible for winning, you should be registered on Strava.

Please RSVP here or on our Strava Club Page. Strava Page also has the planned route.

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