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Well, Lets take a look at what should be called “the good, the bad, and the ugly” before turning the page and centering all focus on moving forward.  As I was reading Tim’s season recap and learning how he stood with the lofty goals he set for himself at the onset of this cycling season, it got me curious about if (1.) had I even set any goals for myself?; and (2.) if so, how did I look after the fact?


“The Ugly”

I have really talked about this enough, so this will be the last time … I missed way too much time on the bike this year for multiple reasons and even considered quitting at one moment. The ugliest part of not riding consistently has to be the loss of friendship time. I ride as much solo as I do with groups, but some of my fondest memories in life (excluding family milestones & moments), are those that I’ve made on my bicycle and the best ones are always shared when I ride with others! The other part of my goals for 2015 that’s ugly is that while I did have big aspirations to complete various new ride events, I really had no expectations or personal goals that I would set out to achieve. Unfortunately, I am wired to perform much better when I have something to aim for and I hold myself much more accountable when it’s in writing.


“The Bad”

I set a pre-season cycling schedule of 15 organized events and managed to actually ride in only 2 of them. In April, I rode in the annual Redbud Ride in London, Ky but only completed the 70-something mile route because the weather forecast called for severe storms by 2pm and I didn’t think I could complete the century route in time. In October, I rode in the second annual RAM Cycling Oktoberfest ride and had a blast with friends again. This was my favorite ride in the 2015 season. This ride leads me to …..


“The Good”

I finally set a couple of goals with encouragement from the Renaissance Man at the end of August when my yearly mileage sat stagnant near 1400 miles total. I have already achieved both of those goals by breaking 2000 miles and completing my first century of the year when I rode 102 miles on some of my favorite roads on October 15! I already changed my mileage goal to 2500, and may break it in November if the weather permits. Probably the best part of the good, is that I have already set a lofty personal goal for 2016, and it includes Assault on Mt. Mitchell again! Can’t wait.


Please do stay tuned as Renaissance Man noted in his recap, for we have big news coming on multiple fronts and we fully intend to bring all of our friends and followers a much more involved experience here at RAM Cycling as we roll into the off season in anticipation of the next cycling season! Please also remain tuned in for my planned 2016 cycling schedule as I will be releasing it before the year end


Consider the page turned and all focus clearly centered on moving forward! @KPtheMasher

Renaissance Man’s Season Update and Teaser
Nov 2015 01
Well the days are getting shorter and shorter.  The sun is becoming an endangered species.  And the ride season is winding down.  But here at RAM Cycling, there is a lot of buzz about things that are going on.
First and foremost, KP the Masher is back in the saddle.  And he has set a big goal that will require some massive offseason training – Going sub 6 hours at AOMM 2016.  And to add to that, it looks like a big group of our friends from the BCC will be planning to accompany him on this ride.  We will be setting our own individual goals and aspirations for this unbelievably challenging but rewarding ride.  If you care to join us, let one of us know so we can plan accordingly.
As I reflect on this riding season that is coming to a close, I must say that I am very excited about all that occurred this past year.  Some of my highlights where busting my first 18 mph ride.  That was followed quickly thereafter with my first 19 MPH ride and then finally my first 20 MPH ride.  I must say that I did achieve my speed goals this year.  But I had some big goals at the beginning of the year.  How did i do?  Well let’s explore that and beyond…..

Goal #1 – Hit Target Weight of 215 LBS.
STATUS:  Did not happen.  Still hanging out at 230 LBS.  (Big news coming on this front!)

Goal #2 – Increase FTP to 230 from 215.
STATUS:  Complete.  Achieved 238 FTP.  I plan on doing a current FTP in the next week or so.  (Big news coming on this front too!)

Goal #3 – Complete first triathlon at Sprint and Half Ironman distances.
STATUS:  Yes and no.  I completed two Sprint distance triathlons.  So my racing career has started and you guessed it big news coming here too.

Goal #4 – Ride 4,000+ miles

STATUS:  Complete or at least On target.  As of this writing, I am on target with 3,516 miles and over 15,000 miles in my short cycling career.

Goal #5 – Complete the Kentucky Century Challenge
STATUS:  Complete.  I rode in three of the four rides and averaged over 18 MPH on the Preservation Makeup Ride – my fastest century of all time.

So overall I would say it has been a very successful year.  Next year for me will take a decidedly different approach as I transition from just cycling into training full time as a triathlete.  There will be more big news in this area shortly as I mentioned above and I hope you will join me on the journey.
Most of you will also notice that between Masher and myself, there was limited blogging this year.  There were many reasons from both of us.  But I think you will see a significant change as we set new goals and transition into new areas.  The other big change here at is that sometime in the next 6 months or so, we will be transitioning to a new website.  We hope that this will enable us to bring our stories, reviews, events and other cool stuff to you on a more regular basis, faster and easier.  Look for news and updates on this in the short term.
Oct 2015 20



We just wanted to give a shout out to our great friends that were able to join us for our 2nd annual RAM Cycling Oktoberfest bicycle ride!! Huge thanks to Bena, Steph, Linn, Adam, Oleg, Phil, and Bryan for cruising a beautiful 64 mile route through the bluegrass region/horse farm country of Kentucky with Tim and me!!


The route departed and finished in downtown Georgetown, ventured through portions of Fayette, Woodford, Franklin, and Scott counties, with many miles rolling along the Elkhorn Creek. The weather was a little true to the new fall season and started out very chilly, but gradually warmed nicely providing a sun filled sky and a gentle breeze that had little affect on our pace.


We continued the tradition of giving away bourbon for an extra-stellar performance by having another friendly competition, this time collecting points at county line sprints. There were a total of 5 county line signs (2 others were omitted for safety reasons) that some of us attempted to be the first to cross, but at the end of the ride, we had a three way tie for most points. Not having a good tiebreaker rule in place (after all, it’s just for good fun), Adam was kind enough to mention he had received a winner’s fifth of bourbon at last year’s event and he suggested the others tied should get it this year. So the winners of a fifth of Makers Mark bourbon were Oleg and Bena, and keeping in tradition, all the cyclists that rode got to sign each bottle.


Thanks again friends, for making Oktoberfest a very enjoyable and memorable ride! It has been a great group ride to somewhat wind down the last two cycling seasons heading into the time of year with cold temps, unpredictable weather, and less daylight. The camaraderie at the event is awesome and we encourage all our RAM friends to consider joining us for this ride next fall!






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